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Health & Safety / Severely Injured Hands – Worksafe Report

Severely Injured Hands – Worksafe Report

Event Title: Severely injured hands – Worksafe Report
Event date: 8th & 9th July 2020
Event location: Wellington

Incident Description and key findings:

  • Machinery being cleaned when running, task instructions stated that machinery should only be cleaned when it was turned off. Resulted in victim suffering extensive lacerations and trauma to her right hand and wrist – she will never regain full use of her hand.
    Adequate guarding would have prevented this incident. Worksafe also stated – “writing down a health and safety plan is one thing, but it must be implemented”.
  • A worker suffered fractures and the complete degloving of his middle and index finger on his left hand. Machine being operated without adequate guarding was cleaned following accident and continued to be used prior to Worksafe being notified.
  • Both incidents resulted in fines of $250K plus

Lessons and Recommendations:

  • NEVER – clean moving machinery – always apply lock out procedure
  • Work instructions are to be safe and must be followed
  • Identification of guarding – engage with your workers and get
    them to help identify guarding issues.

WorkSafe Notification

This Alert does not necessarily cover all possible hazards associated with the events.It is designed to raise awareness of a serious incident within the industry.