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Health & Safety / Contractor Severely Cuts Finger

Contractor Severely Cuts Finger

Event Title: Serious harm injury – Contractor severely cuts finger while working on rapid roller door (routine preventative maintenance (PM)).
Event date: 1st August 2020
Event location: Apata

Event Description and Key Findings:
During routine PM checks, a noise coming from the webbing mechanism was noticed, the door was then raised to confirm noise during opening operation (by remote control). Mechanism investigated with right hand to try to move webbing which was thought to be cause of noise. Automated delay mechanism to close the door activated (door not locked out), releasing counterweight and catching right hand middle finger in mechanism, finger was almost completely cut through
Work as imagined – door is isolated before work is started (no SOP to confirm this). Work as done – door is not isolated, as it needs to be operated to perform some of the required checks.

Lessons and Recommendations:

  • Always lock out / tag out energised equipment before putting your hands near moving parts
  • Ensure that a Procedure or Work Instruction is in place for regular tasks
    • Workers are trained and competent in completing the task
  • Audit the work and your workers regularly to ensure that ‘work as done’ is as imagined

For further information related to this incident please contact Kate Trufitt – 027 809 9779