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Health & Safety / Forklift Incident – Forklift tipped over by Truck

Forklift Incident – Forklift tipped over by Truck

Event Title: Forklift Incident – Forklift tipped over by Truck
Event date: 15 May 2021
Event location: Eastpack

Event Description:
A truck had moved into zone for unloading. Two 3.5 tonne forklifts had been assigned for unloading of the truck, while forklift one’s driver was inspecting damage done from another site, forklift two had positioned the fork tines under the stack of bins located on the left side of the truck. At this point, the truck began to drive forward pulling the forklift onto its side. The forklift driver sustained a bump to the head. 

Initial Actions Taken:

  • The driver was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.
  • Issued Red alert.
  • Forecourt Managers to ensure that Forecourt unloading process is being followed.

Lessons and Recommendations:

  • Establish main point of contact between forklift drivers and truck drivers.
  • Once in the unloading zone trucks must turn off their engines and not move unless directed to by the main point of contact.
  • Once given the instruction to move forward, drivers are to always check their mirrors before moving.
  • Follow-up with Trucking company and review prequalification status.
  • Review Forecourt process for improvement opportunities to ensure incidents like this do not reoccur.