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Health & Safety / Pedestrian Hit by Forklift

Pedestrian Hit by Forklift

Event Title: Pedestrian Hit by Forklift
Event date: 29th April 2020
Event location: Eastpack

Event Description:
Pedestrian walked out in front of the path of a forklift with load. Operator was travelling forward and had no visibility of the pedestrian. The forklift struck him when turning and pulled him beneath the load.

  • Pedestrian did not check for forklift activity. Was looking the other way when he stepped out in front of a loaded forklift
  • Fork lift was travelling forward instead of reversing and had no visibility of pedestrian
  • Pedestrian was not adhering to 3 meter rule
  • Pedestrian was off the walkways and was not wearing PPE

Initial Actions Taken:

  • Forklift stopped. Pedestrian was able to free himself from beneath the load. Incident was attended by supervisors.
  • Issue was addressed via tool box
  • Crown attended site to investigate vehicle, locked machine out and assessed for issues.

Lessons and Recommendations:

  • Non-essential pedestrian movement during forklift activity increases exposure to incident
  • Not observing 3 metre separation rule can result in near miss or impact incident
  • Not checking for activity before stepping out into forklift thoroughfares can result in near miss or impact incident
  • Not reversing when carrying a load results in low or no visibility
  • Not wearing PPE reduces a pedestrian’s visibility to others
  • Use of hazard tape to define areas do not reduce exposure to potential impact. The 3 metre rule should be observed when standing behind cordoned off areas.
  • Formal investigation to be conducted with learning to be communicated through organisation