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Latest News / Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Water conservation and usage

  • Use your water meter reading
  • Compare daily use with allocation
  • Understand the language i.e. 1 mm per ha = 10 M3 per ha.

Not all parts of the business are the same

  • Consider potential yield/quality impacts.
  • Prioritise irrigation to higher gross margin varieties/crops/age.
  • Survival water only for harvested, young and immature perennial crops, allocating any surplus to crops still to be harvested.
  • There may be further post-harvest risks to be managed. Talk with your post-harvest facility/supply group/marketer.

Logistical issues

  • Discuss water-sharing possibilities with your neighbours.
  • Understand and modify infrastructure to allow irrigation split based on your new strategy, e.g. taps, drip line, solenoid changes.
  • Consider bore depth and pumping rates to protect access to aquifer. This may restrict your irrigation prior to further allocation restrictions.