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Simon Cook’s Nuffield Thoughts: Part 9

Banana Panama – Queensland The final visit of my Nuffield was to tropical North Queensland. I had headed to Queensland to look at Tropical race 4 or TR4. TR4 is a devastating soil borne fungal disease affecting bananas and is often referred to as Banana Panama disease. Tropical race 1 the first variety of the […]

Simon Cook’s Nuffield Thoughts: Part 8

Chile Very early on I made the decision that I wanted to include Chile in the list of countries that I visited as part of my travels. Obviously as the other major southern hemisphere producer of kiwifruit they are our strongest direct competitor, so I was keen to use the opportunity to learn a little […]

Simon Cook’s Nuffield Thoughts: Part 7

BMSB and Spotted Lanternfly After leaving Florida I flew North to Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, my final stop before heading home. I hired a car, and yes, I did drive around listening to Bruce Springsteen’s Streets of Philadelphia. One of the simple joys of driving around the US is the number of songs you grow up […]

Simon Cook’s Nuffield Thoughts: Part 6

As the rest of the group I had been travelling for 6 weeks with departed, I stayed in Alabama to begin the next phase of my Nuffield experience. The third and final component of our program is a further 10 -12 weeks travelling on our own researching a subject of particular interest. In my case […]

Simon Cook’s Nuffield Thoughts: Part 5

Our GFP in the US was broken into two segments, the first was a 2 day visit to Washington DC to give us some context on politics in the US. The second was a visit to the state of Alabama were we would travel for 8 days getting to know the local people and their […]

Simon Cook’s Nuffield Thoughts: Part 4

After the heat of India and the Middle East it was refreshing to touch down back in Paris to mid 20 temperatures. I had passed through Paris in March on our way to our conference in the Netherlands and it had been just above zero when I landed so it was nice to see the […]

Simon Cook’s Nuffield Thoughts: Part 3

After the heat of India things only stepped up as we arrived in Dubai to spend 4 days exploring the United Arab Emirates. We arrived to clear blue sky’s and temperatures in the late 40’s. We dropped our bags at our hotel and headed straight out to a camel farm where they milk camels and also […]

Simon Cook’s Nuffield Thoughts: Part 2

The second core component of our Nuffield experience is the Global Focus Program or GFP. The GFP is a 6 week 6-7 nation intensive tour with a group of around 6 to 10 scholars. The program aims to show scholars a mix of agricultural, cultural and political practices in a range of different countries. My […]

Simon Cook’s Nuffield Thoughts

NZKGI Forum and & Executive Committee member Simon Cook has embarked on his Global Focus Program which is the second of the three core components that make up his Nuffield year. Read about Simons thoughts of the Nuffield Scholarship and what it means below.   I’m writing this sitting in an airport lounge waiting for […]