Kiwifruit Jobs available in NZ!

Keen for seasonal work or more? There’s heaps of work available in the kiwifruit industry. Over the next few years, orchards are expected to produce more kiwifruit and now is a great time to get involved in this awesome industry and get paid for it.

Visit us on Facebook at Kiwifruit Jobs New Zealand to apply for kiwifruit jobs with our approved employers. Here you can check out our Jobs section for the latest vacancies and stay updated with relevant information about Kiwifruit work. Be sure to use our handy employee how-to guide.

 How do I apply for kiwifruit work? 

If you’re eligible to work in New Zealand you can pick, pack and play the kiwifruit way! Get involved now – firstly use our handy checklist to make sure you’re ready to apply for kiwifruit work:

(For further information on work visas please visit the Immigration NZ website. Please note we can’t assist with any sponsorship requests. For any IRD number queries visit Inland Revenue and for information on choosing a NZ bank visit Backpackerboard NZ)


What kiwifruit role is right for me? 

There’s something for everyone in the kiwifruit industry and pay rates depend on your employer and nature of the seasonal role.

  • Kiwifruit picking: If you’re after a short stint in the industry, picking is a great way to stay active, get social and make money.
  • Kiwifruit packing and processing: Various roles are available inside the kiwifruit packhouses. These include grading fruit and packing it into trays for storage before they get exported.
  • Summer/winter pruning and thinning: After the harvest pruning work is required. This work requires some training and is a great job for those who are physically fit. Kiwifruit thinning is like pruning and involves adjusting the size of the kiwifruit crop to make if manageable for the harvest.
  • Kiwifruit careers: The kiwifruit industry is a year-round business. It’s possible to work in the industry for up to 10 months a year with opportunities to take up jobs within horticultural and management roles.

Download and read our 2022 Little Green and Gold Book for more information on kiwifruit work. It’s a simple and useful guide to finding seasonal work in the New Zealand kiwifruit industry!


Keen to join us this kiwifruit harvest? Join other kiwis in a thriving and fun industry today!

Our green and gold fuzzy fruits are grown by 2,800 growers in eight locations around New Zealand. While the iconic kiwifruit industry requires staff all year round, during the peak harvest season (March–June) approximately 24,000 seasonal staff are required to work in our kiwifruit orchards and packhouses.

Where can I get a kiwifruit job?

When you work in the kiwifruit industry, you can earn and explore the hidden gems of beautiful Aotearoa. Here’s the different locations you can find kiwifruit work. Start a kiwifruit work trail or find jobs at your local orchard and/or packhouse today!