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Labour / May 1, 2020

Winter Pruning

Applications for a free one-day taster course in winter pruning of kiwifruit vines are open now.

There are winter pruning jobs available now for trained, physically fit, work-ready people and this course is aimed people who are interested in becoming trained.


One Day Taster Course

A one-day taster will introduce the basics of the task and how it fits into the production cycle, as well as an overview of the industry.


Follow up Training

Following the one-day training, some participants will have the opportunity to join a more intensive course in winter pruning which focuses on skill development which will also be provided for free.


Participants will receive certification for both courses. Those who complete the intensive training will be encouraged to seek work as winter pruners on kiwifruit orchards.

Courses will run in venues around the Bay of Plenty, starting June 22. Participants will need to be a New Zealand Citizen or permanent Resident to be eligible to enrol in the course. These trainings are managed by New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Inc. (NZKGI) and funded by the Ministry for Primary Industries.

Potential applicants are encouraged to join the one-day course and learn how they can become a part of the leading horticultural export industry growing a high-quality product in demand around the world.


For more information, contact NZKGI Labour Coordinator Gavin Stagg here.

To complete an application form, or click here.