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Environmental and Policy / Glyphosate Submission: Environmental Protection Agency

Glyphosate Submission: Environmental Protection Agency

A joint horticulture industry submission was made to EPA in response to their call for information on glyphosate. The EPA has said they have received a large number of submissions but would like to hear more from individual growers. In support of retaining the use of glyphosate, growers are encouraged to email the EPA and include the following:

I am a grower of (insert your crop/s here). Glyphosate is a vital weed control tool for the success of my business. It is safe to use and PPE is worn when this herbicide is applied. It is important that glyphosate remains available for use as it is safe and provides efficacious control against a wide variety of weeds. It also plays an important role in slowing the development of herbicide resistance. I request that the EPA recognise that glyphosate is safe, provides significant benefits and should remain approved and available for growers to use. Glyphosate benefits and discussion on alternatives are expanded upon in the joint industry submission sent to EPA.

The horticulture submission can be found here.