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Industry Stability / Growers vote to continue Levy

Growers vote to continue Levy

(Media release from March 22, 2017)

New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Inc. (NZKGI) have been given a strong mandate by kiwifruit growers to work on their behalf for the next six-year kiwifruit levy cycle. 85% of growers participating in the referendum voted to continue levy.

“The positive result is a great endorsement for our work over the last six years. It is especially pleasing to improve on our voter turnout given the last referendum took place when many growers were very engaged in the kiwifruit industry due to the outbreak of Psa”, says NZKGI Chairperson, Doug Brown. “The kiwifruit industry is experiencing a real growth phase and has an exciting future. NZKGI will be there to make sure that growers interests remain the top priority”.

NZKGI CEO Nikki Johnson says, “Naturally we are very delighted with the positive response from growers and I am privileged to lead an organisation that is going from strength to strength in its advocacy. Nevertheless, there will be challenges for the sector and I encourage all growers to engage with their representatives to make sure that NZKGI is focusing on issues important to them”.

Kiwifruit growers first voted to establish a kiwifruit commodity levy to fund the operation of NZKGI in 2011. Since that time, it has achieved a series of significant outcomes for growers such as the Kiwifruit Industry Strategy Project which includes ensuring that Zespri achieves long-term market, strategic and financial performance for the industry. The levy will be used to continue to fund the operations of NZKGI and in addition, there will be significant new activity in the areas of communications and performance monitoring. The levy is set at 1c/tray ($0.0028/kg) and can only be increased by vote at a NZKGI AGM or Special General Meeting.

NZKGI has informed the Minister for Primary Industries, Hon Nathan Guy of the result and will be applying to the Minister’s office for a new levy order that would run through to 2024.



2011 2017
Percent of eligible growers who voted 42% 49%
Voters who voted YES 87% 85%
Percent of eligible production of growers who voted 53% 63%
Percentage of production from growers voting YES 85% 88%