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Environmental and Policy / He Waka Eke Noa Partnership Recommendations and the Consultation Document on the Pricing of Agricultural Emissions

He Waka Eke Noa Partnership Recommendations and the Consultation Document on the Pricing of Agricultural Emissions

The Government has released a consultation document with proposals to reduce agricultural emissions. The Government has included many but not all of the recommendations of the He Waka Noa Partnership. NZKGI has analysed the consultation document to consider the potential effects of the proposed pricing of agricultural emissions on kiwifruit growers. The policy has the potential to affect kiwifruit growers in two ways, firstly through the direct impacts of emissions pricing, and secondly through the wider socio-economic impacts that will be a consequence of the policy.

Methane emissions are not relevant for kiwifruit growers, but GST registered business-owers who apply 40t of synthetic nitrogen fertiliser will be subject to the reporting and pricing requirements. Regarding the pricing of emissions in association with the application of N fertiliser, there will be no impact on kiwifruit growers if priced at the farm level (the preferred option), and minimal impacts of $48/ha/yr in additional fertiliser costs if priced through fertiliser manufacturers and imports. In relation to socio-economic effects these are likely to be felt mostly by Māori, sheep and beef farmers and rural communities. This could result in both opportunities (i.e. additional labour as the workforce moves between sectors) and challenges (e.g. effects on the community associated with the loss of people and services, and wellbeing issues etc) for kiwifruit growers. However in the absence of information regarding the regions and districts that will be most affected it is difficult to know if and where these potential opportunities and challenges will be realised. NZKGI will lodge its own submission and this is due on 18th November.  This will most likely support HortNZ’s submission in terms of preferring the He Waka Eke Noa recommendations but will be targeted to focus on those matters of direct importance to kiwifruit growers.

In order to inform its submission HortNZ is asking growers to complete a 5-minute survey to inform the submission on behalf of growers. The survey focuses on key aspects between the Government and He Waka Eke Noa recommendations most relevant to growers. The survey closes 15 November. HortNZ survey link.

HortNZ also encourages growers to complete the MfE survey seeking feedback on a wider range of topics, to provide direct feedback to Government. The survey closes 18 November. Government survey link.