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Latest News / IN BRIEF: Zespri’s Targeted Share Offer and Buy-Back

IN BRIEF: Zespri’s Targeted Share Offer and Buy-Back

Share Offer – Up to 1 share per tray of production, for producing growers who supply Zespri




Share Buy-Back – Growers that hold 1.5 shares per tray of production and above, or ex-growers that hold shares but no longer supply Zespri.  (Ex-growers, also known as dry shareholders, includes misaligned shareholders – see definition below*.)



Shareholders eligible to participate will receive a letter of entitlement in early September from Zespri.

The share price for both share issue and share buy-back is $8.00 per share.



*A misaligned shareholder is a shareholder that does not supply fruit to Zespri, but may have another associated entity that supplies fruit to Zespri.  If the misaligned shareholder is not the owner of a producing orchard and has no lease in place with the supplying entity (a copy of which lease must be supplied to Zespri), they are treated as ex-growers/dry shareholders.