It is estimated the industry will need another 2,000 permanent employees and 4,000 seasonal employees within the next few years. This future growth is dependent on the ability to attract and retain young people who are highly skilled and enthusiastic and develop them to become our industry’s future leaders.


Bay of Plenty Labour Governance Group

NZKGI Coordinate the Bay of Plenty Labour Governance Group whose members include anyone with a labour interest including but not limited to members of post-harvest operations, orchard management companies, kiwifruit growers and contractors.  Representatives form Government departments, Councils and other agencies that have an interest can also be members.  Anyone interested in joining the group should email

The organisational structured is three tiered, made up of the Strategy Group, Working Groups and Governance Group.  The Strategy Group will lead the development of the work programme for the following working groups:

  • Accommodation and Roads
  • Labour Compliance
  • Education & Training
  • Business Analysis
  • Immigration
  • Worker Pastoral Care
  • Labour Utilisation (including NZ workers)
National Labour Governance Group

NZKGI are a member of the National Horticulture and Viticulture Steering Group and attends these meeting on behalf of the Kiwifruit Industry.  Other members of this group include representatives from HortNZ, Wine New Zealand, Apples & Pears New Zealand, MSD and MBIE.

Seasonal Labour

New Zealand Kiwifruit Labour Shortage Report

In 2018 NZKGI published a report that quantified the potential shortage of seasonal labour and outlines the challenges the kiwifruit industry faces in securing staff.  This report forecasts that the kiwifruit industry will need an additional 7,000 seasonal workers in order to reach its growth targets of 190 million trays by 2027 from 123 million trays in 2017.

To read this report click here.

Seasonal Work Opportunities

To find seasonal work opportunities across various sectors, visit the Work the Seasons website by clicking here.

A contact list of kiwifruit post-harvest and contractor contacts for seasonal work is available here.  Please contact these employers directly to enquire about the availability of seasonal work.

Seasonal Worker Accommodation Review

Western Bay of Plenty District Council alongside industry undertook a review of the districts seasonal accommodation availability and published a report highlighting a number of issues and potential solutions.  To read the report or to find more information on establishing accommodation for seasonal workers in the Bay of Plenty click here.

Permanent Labour

NZKGI continues its work to attract and retain the industries permanent workforce.  Work is planned to quantify the number of permanent work force the kiwifruit industry will need to reach growth targets in the next 10 years.  Other projects undertaken include the following:

Pipeline Project

Now completed, this project funded by the Ministry for Social Development (MSD), focussed on identifying unemployed people and assisting them into permanent work in the industry. Potential workers were placed with an employer in a permanent role. The project was very successful with 65% of workers under the project remaining in full-time work.

Contractor ID Scheme

Also funded by MSD, this project developed a worker ID card that proves a worker is eligible for work in New Zealand and has an IRD number. Growers can ask to see the ID cards of workers as proof of eligibility to work when workers are on their orchards.