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Latest News / Zespri Residue Programme Explained

Zespri Residue Programme Explained

Zespri exports fruit to over 50 different markets. Each of those markets have strict limits (MRL’s) on the levels of residues allowed on fruit. These MRL’s (Maximum Residue Limits) are usually set by the market’s government but increasingly by Zespri’s customers directly. In many cases those customer MRLS’s are much stricter than the market MRL’s. These MRL’s do vary slightly from market to market.

As part of an orchard’s pre harvest clearance requirements, every KPIN variety is independently sampled and tested for over 300 residues. Zespri’s aim is to have all KPIN’s return results below all market and customer Maximum Residue Limits (MRL’s). This allows flexibility concerning where the fruit inventory can be exported to.

In some cases, where Zespri does find a residue, they place market restrictions on that fruit. In such a situation the fruit is directed to a market or customer which has MRL criteria that fits with that fruits residue profile allowing it access to that particular market. Zespri may also initiate an investigation, depending on what the residue is and how high it is, to understand how it occurred, to avoid similar situations or further risk to fruit.

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